Purchase Order financing

Purchase Order Financing for Your Small Business

Many businesses rely on finished goods and presold merchandise. You know the importance of keeping your suppliers paid, but sudden growth can bring challenges. Now that your business is growing, you need more resources to keep it growing. Alliance Commercial Finance’s purchase order financing provides essential funds to pay suppliers, release your goods for shipment and continue delivering world-class service to your customers.

How P.O. Financing Works

Purchase order loans work a little differently from most other types of financing. With a P.O. loan, we pay your suppliers on your behalf. Once your orders have shipped and your customers receive their goods, we collect payment from them. After we deduct our fees, we send you the rest. This ensures your goods ship as quickly as possible, but our purchase order loans give you other advantages:

  • On-time customer deliveries
  • Potential market share growth
  • No long-term debt or equity impacts

This fast and flexible funding helps you fill unexpected orders and take on larger accounts. Producers, resellers, wholesalers and distributors can all benefit. We provide financing to businesses in imports, exports and domestic production.

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